Almost one year into our sponsorship of the Guernsey Raiders, we caught up with Tom Teasdale, Senior Fund Administrator, and Dom Rice, Manager in our funds team, on how they balance work and rugby commitments and the similarities between working in the office and being on the pitch.

How do you balance work and rugby commitments?

Tom said, ‘Belasko has always been supportive of our rugby commitments, and this goes across the board for people’s hobbies and activities outside of work. They understand that people need that flexibility sometimes and are happy to work around you.

‘When we’re training, we have the option to be flexible with our working hours to make sure we meet the commitments inside and outside of the office. The culture at Belasko allows you to make your day your own. ‘

Dom, with the extra challenge of captaining the team, do you have any tips on how best to strike a balance between work commitments and team commitments?

Dom said: ‘Planning is essential. I manage my work diary and also have a combined personal diary to ensure I’m giving my all to both commitments. I find they work quite well together with a lot of transferable skills, so neither one really takes away from the other.

‘As long as you can get a strong handle on managing your time and understanding where one can be flexible with the other, then whilst difficult, it can be handled with ease.’

What are some of the transferable leadership skills you have picked up as captain of the raiders and a Manager in the Funds team at Belasko?

Dom said: ‘Rugby is a great sport for anyone. I would recommend it to any young sportspeople. My rugby career has shaped the person I am today and has promoted qualities and a sense of culture that I bring into the workplace.

‘My experience has shaped the way I handle challenges, and skills such as bringing people together and creating a strong team mentality has definitely transferred across. At Belasko, our culture is very important and we work closely as a team to deliver the best for our clients. You have to build a sense of trust and support in any team to ensure you’re working, or playing, at the highest possible level.’

Tom and Dom, are there any other similarities between working in the office and being out on the pitch?

Dom said: ‘Communication skills, teamwork and strong people skills are all vital, both in the office and on the rugby field. In team sports, you’re working with a group of 20-30 people who are all going to have naturally different personalities. It can be challenging to figure out how to work best with everyone and act cohesively as a team. This is also true within an office environment.

Tom said: ‘Of course, not everything carries across – you can’t tackle anyone in the office – but learning how to communicate effectively, manage challenging situations, diffuse tension and achieve positive outcomes is essential.

‘Playing rugby pre-employment can help you become more confident. Sometimes being younger and coming into the world of work at a junior level can be intimidating, but the communication skills you pick up playing a team sport like rugby can really help at work to make you feel comfortable speaking in a group or delivering a presentation.’

What support have you both received from Belasko towards you rugby commitment?

Dom said: ‘The sponsorship has been incredibly beneficial, and it’s been really nice for the office to feel more involved. It’s a great environment because everyone knows we play and people from work often come to watch matches. The care and interest in our hobbies feels very supportive and shows how close we are as an office.’

Tom said: ‘Andy Bailey, Group Head of Private Wealth at Belasko, used to play rugby and knows a lot of the other members of the Raiders. One great thing about being part of a local team in Guernsey is that there’s a real community feel, and our colleagues get involved in that as well. Playing for the Raiders is about representing something bigger than yourself, and I think that ethos goes hand in hand with the values at Belasko.’