Community crowdfunding organisation ‘100 Women Who Care’ is returning with its fifth event in Guernsey, thanks to sponsorship from Belasko, on Thursday 15 June at Les Cotils.

The 100 Women Who Care organisation was founded in the US in 2006 and was launched in Guernsey in 2021, modelled from this international framework. The event welcomes 100 women to a unique networking evening and to hear presentations from three local charities.

Each participant is asked to donate £100 into a pool, and following the charity’s presentations, participants choose where their contribution is made. Belasko’s sponsorship allows the total amount of the participants’ donations to be shared between the charities, without deduction for expenses, in proportion to their selected charities on the evening.

Presenting charities are chosen by the organising committee with the specification that they must be Guernsey registered charities, but local charities with a smaller profile are favoured.

Patricia White, Director of 100 Women Who Care Guernsey, said: ‘We are so pleased to return with our fifth local event and provide another opportunity to support local charities. Our aim is to encourage the kindness and giving spirit of women in our community, as well as provide a unique networking space to share professional knowledge and provide support.

‘We hope to welcome another sell-out event allowing a full pot of £10,000 to be donated to three local charities. We want to thank Belasko for supporting our next event, helping our group to give back and ensuring the full donation amount is available to charities.’

Each charity will receive a minimum donation of £500 by participating in the event.

Greg McKenzie, Managing Director of Belasko in Guernsey, said: ‘Belasko is thrilled to support such a valuable event. 100 Women Who Care provides an inclusive networking space and an opportunity to make a massive impact on local charities. We are proud to get involved in this fantastic initiative.’

To register, contact the charity at [email protected]. Further information can be found on the 100 Women Who Care Facebook page here: