Belasko has launched its People and Culture Task Force; a team working across all four jurisdictions which will focus on building collaboration across the group, develop and maintain a cultural identity and design a cohesive strategy for engagement.  

The active team, made up of 11 ambassadors, has outlined its core values, which will be the guiding force for their activity and used to enhance the business’ vision.  

We’re pleased to welcome a wide range of backgrounds to the team as we look to meet the needs and develop an inclusive and supportive culture for all members of the group, across all jurisdictions.  

Meet the People and Culture Ambassadors below: 

UK team: 

Katie Bodman – Group Head of Learning and Development 

Natalie Iacona – Business Operations Analyst 

Naomi King – Accountant 

Georgie White – Accountant 

Jordan Mills – Accountant 


Jersey team:  

Amanda Moffat – Group Head of HR 

Niamh Fountaine – Director 

Lucy Casado-Martines – Senior Accountant 

Emily A’Court – Manager 



Emma Swieton – Group HR Officer 

Hannah Dunnell – Managing Director



Charles Bettingen – Corporate Manager 


The People and Culture ambassadors will work to build a cohesive culture strategy across Belasko and we can’t wait to see the excellent and supportive work they do for the group.