Belasko has made seven appointments in Guernsey continuing its talent acquisition drive, including the appointment of Hannah Dunnell as Managing Director in Guernsey.  

The seven new appointments bring more than 90 cumulative years of experience to Belasko, and the addition of an experienced and talented leader with Hannah Dunnell as Guernsey’s new Managing Director. 

Hannah is an Associate of the Chartered Governance Institute and in her new role she will focus on how governance interplays with processes, people and culture across the business. She said: ‘I’m passionate about culture and promoting the development of the next generation, particularly the continued development of women in business. This latest round of appointments, including my own new role, is exciting for the future of Belasko and our continued upwards trajectory. 

‘In my view, people are the biggest asset of a business and therefore, must be considered in every aspect of evolution for an organisation. I feel a natural synergy and cohesion with the team here at Belasko; something that will be integral in driving the growth of a dynamic business.’ 

The group of new hires will support the growth of the business and the implementation of its unique client services model.  

The appointments include the creation of three new management positions across our services; with Daniella Hatton and Ceisha Martin in Fund Administration and Kirstie Trudgeon in Operations.  

Jane Ravenwood has also been appointed as a Senior Fund Administrator, Steffie Flynn has joined Belasko as a Fund Administrator and Georgia Parrish has started in the position of Compliance Officer. 

Paul Lawrence, Group Managing Director, said: ‘We are thrilled to be expanding the business with a strong and experienced group of new joiners. They will work with Belasko to implement a robust structure and service, bolstering the team and strengthening our services.’ 

This round of appointments also sees existing Guernsey team member Gregory McKenzie move to Luxembourg and taking on the role of Managing Director, continuing the growth of our Luxembourg office alongside Graham Parry-Dew. With three years’ experiences managing the Guernsey office, Greg’s move promotes collaboration and cohesive structure across the Belasko jurisdictions.